Notes With Caller ID – December 2019

An advanced note taking app which has a unique way of connecting notes to contacts on the phone. The app also features a handy checklist function.

Today’s users want synergy in their apps. Notes with Caller ID does just that by connecting notes with people, directly on the incoming call screen! By disrupting the note-taking arena with its innovative features, this app shows powerful potential for growth. 

Notes with Caller ID gives a quick and simple note-taking experience. The app is simple and easy to use and includes a useful to-do checklist which can quickly be shared via email. Other useful features include a search function, data backup and restore options.

This top free notes app for Android is packed with many great additional features making it more than just a notepad.

Notes with Caller ID links notes & calls together in a powerful and unique way. Notes can be connected to contacts saved in the phone, offering the option to click-to-call directly from a note. The app also displays the last note taken in relation to a contact at the moment the phone is ringing, helping users to remember what was previously discussed.

As well as note taking, Notes with Caller ID also identifies unknown callers and then adds the name and number to an after-call note with just 1 click. It also provides other practical options such as saving the identified caller to contacts, calling back, or sending an SMS.


Notes with Caller ID features:

  • Handy note search feature for people who write a lot of notes.
  • See the last note linked to a caller when the phone rings.
  • Create new notes and link to contacts, then click-to-call directly from the note.
  • Take, edit, export, and view all notepad entries effortlessly.
  • Backup and restore notes easily.
  • Save new contacts to the phonebook with one click, call back or send an SMS.
  • Identify callers and search numbers in worldwide databases with 1 billion+ numbers.
  • Get warnings for millions of spam numbers.