All Email Access

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€ 360.000

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€ 360.000

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All Email Access

This lightweight app supports a variety of email platforms and has a slick and simple interface. The All Email Access app appeals to users who want a quick and easy solution for managing crowded inboxes.

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About All Email Access

All Email Access is an email app for Android that enables the connection of multiple email accounts from a single app – it also creates a powerful link between email and phone calls, identifying callers, with options to email directly from the caller ID screen.

In this fast-moving mobile age, people need quick email login access and better ways to manage multiple inboxes. This easy-to-use email app simplifies email login, and allows users to manage various email accounts from different providers with a single click.

What sets All Email Access apart from other email apps is the smart caller ID. It identifies callers in real-time, including unknown numbers. The link between calls and emails provides the ability to send instant emails to callers or access email accounts directly after a call ends.

This app strongly enhances mobile communication and productivity for busy people.

App features

  • Quick and easy access to all emails: Universal email client enables all email accounts to be accessed in one simple app (compatible with more than 50 mobile email providers).
  • ID callers: Each time a call is received, the caller's details are displayed.
  • One click to email: Easy email access from the Caller ID screen allows emails to be sent to callers instantly.
  • Save contacts: Unknown incoming contacts can be saved with one click after each call.
  • Customizable: Caller ID can be adjusted to personal preferences in the app settings.
  • Overview of call history: Call log and instant access to the phonebook in the app.

Investor Terms

Monetization model: Advertising
Investor revenue share: 90%
Share duration: 18 months