Upcoming Funding Rounds

By connecting publishers and investors in a unique and easy way,

Appvestor brings success in the mobile app economy to app publishers and investors alike

Hello Investors:

Appvestor lets you invest directly in revenue generating apps, so you can join the €400bn app space with minimal effort.

  • We identify, vet and list high-potential apps
  • We make it straightforward to invest & track daily earnings

Funding in exchange for a share of the revenue means no liquidity bonding, and quick returns. Your funding buys advertising so the app can reach new users. In return, you get a share of the extra revenues generated.

Hello Publishers:

Appvestor is a funding platform that connects you to backers who provide funding to grow your app.

  • We help you raise the funds for User Acquisition
  • We design & run the campaigns to get your app more users

A simple way to raise money and boost income. There is no equity or ownership exchange, so you keep full control of your company and your apps. You only share the extra revenues generated from funding with the backers.