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Publisher background

JaredCo Enterprises Inc. is an app company from Montreal, Canada, developing apps for Android, iPhone & BlackBerry.

Apps are built for commercial and personal use, with a strong focus on smart phone functionality. The company designs, builds and supports all apps it develops and currently holds several top spots within various Top 10 app ranking sites.

The company builds apps to enhance the smart phone experience, while simultaneously developing marketing revenue streams that deliver predictable company growth

JaredCo also develops corporate-grade apps for a variety of industries, with more apps in the pipeline.

Steven Kader, JaredCo

About the app

Caller Name Announcer : Hands Free Pro

The hands-free Call & SMS announcer app that announces caller names and text messages the instant they are received.

App features

  • Help you interact with the device when you’re physically limited
  • Identifies unknwon phone numbers
  • Hear the name of the person calling you
  • Read incoming SMS messages
  • Read messages fromWhatsApp
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How we've achieved growth

JaredCo Enterprises Inc has used Appvestor as their User Acquisition partner since Appvestor launched. Appvestor has managed to increase the install tier of their main app, namely the Caller Name Announcer, 3 times by boosting the market reach when promoting the app.

The popularity of the app has increased on the Google Play Store as a result of the paid UA activities, and during the marketing campaigns, there has been an organic uptake in app market place visitors of 10%.