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Publisher background

SMSROBOT is a mobile app development company committed to creating products of the finest quality and usability. They provide a smooth and enjoyable user experience across multiple mobile platforms and devices. With 35M active downloads and counting, SMSROBOT makes sure that everything is done to constantly deliver additional value to their users.

SMSROBOT builds their own products and actively compete on the ever-changing mobile app stores. They cherish innovation and an entrepreneurial work environment, pushing themselves to learn more, do more, and think outside of box.

Zoran Gasic, SMSRobot

About the app


Callmaster is a complete phone manager app combining the features of Caller ID, Spam Call blocking, call filtering and call recording.

With CallMaster you can record all your calls automatically, block spam calls, phone numbers and contacts from your phone book or dialer.

App features

  • Caller ID
  • Spam Call Blocker
  • Automatic Call Recorder
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How we've achieved growth

SMSROBOT has used Appvestor as their preferred User Acquisition agency since 2019. Appvestor started acquiring users for the existing SMSROBOT portfolio, and recently also started marketing their new app offering, CallMaster, to a global audience with highly geo-specific targeted campaigns.

Revenue figures for CallMaster have increased fivefold as a result of marketing campaigns run by Appvestor. As an extra bonus, organic user activity has increased by 20%.

Additionally, Appvestor has succeeded in expanding CallMaster to new GEOs (Brazil & Russia) through new acquisition approaches.