Frequently Asked Questions

What is Appvestor?

Appvestor is the exclusive place on the web, where investors can look at, and invest in, well-performing apps. All apps have been researched by our team and many have successful investment round history with positive revenues. It is easy for the investor to get an overview of the various apps and invest in them. Furthermore, our user acquisition & investment team are ready to help answer questions and provide information. You are always welcome to reach out.

Who can use the Appvestor?

Anyone above 18 can invest in the apps presented on Appvestor.

Does Appvestor do due diligence research of apps?

Of course! No app is listed for funding without being carefully vetted and verified by our team. Appvestor does not give advice on due diligence relating to revenue, market, opportunity or business-specific risk, and we advise all investors to always conduct their own due diligence research to arrive at the best possible educated investment decision.

What is the required minimum amount we ask from the investors?

To open the possibility of investment to everyone you only need to invest a minimum of €100 per app when investing online. For investments of more than €100,000, please contact us directly, by clicking here.

What happens if a funding target is not reached?

Our user acquisition team can start the campaign even if the funding target is not reached, provided they are confident the raised funds are sufficient to successfully market the app.

Where and how do you buy users?

Users are bought through a process called user acquisition (UA). UA acquires users through several different types of marketing activities. Your investment will be used specifically for an activity called Paid Media Marketing. This uses different media channels to display direct response ads which encourage users to install the app. A common way to do this is by running campaigns using targeted posts, banners, or ads on popular social media networks. These are not just random blanket campaigns, but a data-heavy science that looks at a huge number of statistics to find trends and patterns that work. The advertising campaigns themselves rely on geo-targeted creatives and text to related to different market tastes around the world.

How much does Appvestor charge for its services?

Appvestor charges a 3% commission on the revenue your investments make. That means, that if you make a revenue of €10,000 on your investment, Appvestor will charge €300.

Which apps should I consider investing in?

Appvestor does not give any investment advice. Data provided on this website is supplied for information purposes only and should not be construed as advice.

How are my investment returns taxed?

Appvestor does not offer advice on any tax-related matters. Taxation may be different from country to country. Please speak to your tax advisor.