Caller Name Announcer – November 2019

Caller Name Announcer instantly identifies and informs you about incoming calls and SMS messages with an audio feature to announce caller.

The powerful caller ID identifies unknown numbers so you always will know who your caller is with the added bonus of a caller name speaker function. Add a message which will be announced anytime when you receive an incoming call! You can even choose to hear the content of your message read loudly. Save the identified caller and modify Caller Name Announcer settings after you end the call in one click! 

Caller Name Announcer instantly identifies and alerts users of incoming calls using an audio feature to announce the caller’s name. It’s ideal for the busy person who’s always on the go but doesn’t want to miss an important call when they cannot look at your phone – for example driving, exercising, cooking, or when the phone is simply out of reach.

The powerful Caller ID identifies unknown numbers and announces the name of the caller, even if they’re not in the address book. A personalized message can then be added and you can choose whether it is read out loud before, or after the caller’s name. Newly identified callers can be saved to the address book after the call ends with just one click.


Caller Name Announcer features:

  • Instant caller name announcement: Callers are identified and announced without the need to look at the phone.
  • Create Personalized messages: Messages are announced along with the caller name.
  • Customizable preferences: Speed, pitch and volume of announcements can be adjusted with ease.
  • Real-time Caller ID: Gives intelligent heads-up on nuisance calls.