Is your app the next unicorn?

Appvestor is a funding platform that connects you, the app publisher, to backers who provide funding to grow your app in exchange for a share of the revenue your app makes.

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We help you raise money to acquire more users for your app, as well as run the marketing campaigns to get your app noticed and grow your user base.

Many app makers have successful products. They know their apps can make even more money, but they lack the funds, time or know-how to build really effective campaigns. Appvestor overcomes all these challenges.

If you have a revenue generating and stable app with good usability and a lucrative monetization model then you have come to the right place.

If you are serious about growing your app business, but don’t want to sell a stake in your company to raise money, or you are looking for expert app marketing help, then Appvestor is the perfect solution for you.

In 2019, 5 apps raised €3,158,192 between them, with the top app raising a stagering €878,560 for marketing purposes.

When you list your app on Appvestor, you get access to a vast pool of investor cash. We use this money and our extensive app marketing experience to run advertising campaigns that will get your app noticed and add thousands of new users.

It’s the easiest, fastest, and most secure way to secure capital for driving exponential growth of your app with no loss of ownership.

That’s right, getting your app funded on Appvestor means no loss of ownership, you maintain 100% of your business. It demands minimal effort, and zero upfront investment.

Not only do we connect you with backers to get the funding needed to market your app, but we also takes care of the entire marketing process. Our expert team has extensive experience in app marketing and we know how to create campaigns that work.

As the advertising takes effect, your app’s number of daily active users and revenues will rise. When your app starts growing fast because of funded marketing campaigns, you also benefit from increased organic visibility, resulting in even more downloads. Publishers listing their apps have experience up to 24% increase in organic downloads as a side effect of the marketing campaigns. This is known as K-factor.

If your app meets the conditions for selection, we will run a test campaign to verify the apps performance. After this, you choose the amount to raise for marketing your app, and propose the deal terms that will form the basis of the funding agreement between yourself, and potential backers. These terms include the percentage of the app’s revenue you will share in exchange for funding, as well as the duration of time for which you will share this percentage of revenue.

A typical funding round takes around 30 days. Your app needs to reach at least 75 percent of its funding target. If it reaches this before 30 days the listing will close and no further funding will be accepted during that round. However, your app can be listed more than once, provided you meet the vetting criteria.

Marketing campaigns to grow your app’s userbase will usually start within 2 weeks of the app reaching its funding target, and these campaigns run between one to three months.

There are no upfront costs of administration fees for listing on Appvestor.

We use tracking tools to make sure we do not touch the revenue from your new organic growth – or from users you on-boarded before listing on Appvestor.

We are careful to track only the extra income earned from our activity. We use referral IDs that link revenue to specific campaigns.

You cannot lose money. We only take a cut of the new income you earn.

We only work with apps that have demonstrated their success in the market. We look for evidence that your app has a thriving revenue channel, such as advertising for example, and can show that existing users have a substantial LTV (lifetime value).

We look in-depth at metrics such as:

  • User retention rate
  • Cost per install for new users
  • Conversion rate of new installs to revenue generating users
  • Effectiveness of monetizaton

Once an app has been selected, we run multiple test campaigns to ensure they perform well. We then list them on the Appvestor platform.

Your App needs to have an effective and trackable monetization method integrated.

Although there are minimum standards to meet, we know the app market is dynamic, and that great apps can grow really fast, so each app is evaluated on a case-by-case basis.

Apply for listing: 5 minutes

App check & due diligence: 2 days

Run trial campaigns: 2 weeks

Evaluation period: 2 weeks

Listing your app: 1 day

Raising funds: Up to 30 days

Marketing campaigns / user acquisition: 1 - 3 months

Share extra revenue: Defined by you


Apply to list your app on Appvestor

If you have an app that is already commercially successful and are interested in listing it for funding on Appvestor, we would like to hear from you.


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